Dublin Specialist Dentistry
Case 1: Some patients have had life long dental problems that they though were impossible to fix. This means people suffer with loose dentures, broken teeth, poor bite & ugly teeth for many year thinking that a solution is impossible, will require painful surgery or has prohibitively expensive.
At Dublin Specialist Dentistry we can offer state of the art treatment options, specialist treatment planning and skills together with sedation dentistry for comfort all at a reasonable price for the standard offered.
Below is a 70 year old lady who lost most of her teeth due to gum disease. She had a loose, ugly upper denture and a loose lower denture. She could not eat properly and was always the last to finish every meal, she carried denture adhesive with her all the time.
Mr. Rogers placed 5 lower dental implants and Dr. Fitzgerald constructed aesthetic new upper denture and a lower fixed screw retained hybrid restoration. The patients only regret was not doing it sooner. Total cost of treatment 13000 euro.



Case 2: This patient had a medical condition that caused her to have a dry mouth. Without the protection of saliva her teeth developed decay problems and she was missing multiple back chewing teeth.
Using a combination of careful planning, dental implants, crowns and veneers her smile, bite and oral comfort was restored. Preventive measures were undertaken to ensure decay did not reoccur.
Case 2: Upper Arch rehabilitation with implants and crowns.