Dublin Specialist Dentistry

Medical Insurance Benefits

If you have current Medical Insurance with providers such as VHI, Quinn healthcare, Aviva, St. Paul's Garda medical aid or ESB benefit scheme you may be entitled to claim for certain treatments.

This applies mostly to surgical procedures such as removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Mr. Rogers is a fully participating member of these schemes. This means that treatment is often fully covered with no extra payment from the patient.

Mr. Rogers VHI provider code 11878

Mr. Rogers Quinn provider code 37585

Mr. Rogers Aviva provider code 1196599

Mr. Rogers Garda Medical Aid provider code 4438

Mr Rogers Glo Health provider code 1182415

What is Covered?

Removal of Impacted teeth.
Removal of Impacted wisdom teeth.
Removal of Retained Roots.
Oral Biopsies & associated histopathology.
Removal of Dental Cysts.
Exposure of impacted teeth for orthodontic treatment.
Removal of impacted Extra teeth (supernumeraries, odontomes etc.).
Dental Implants in the lower jaw for those without teeth. (requires pre approval)

What is not Covered?

Consultations & X-rays
Non surgical Dental Treatment like fillings, hygiene, crowns, bridges or Dentures.
Dental Implants for people who have some teeth.
Non surgical Extractions.
Extraction of teeth that are not impacted.
Any procedure if you have not had insurance cover for 6 months prior to the procedure.
(Change of insurance provider is allowed so long as there is no lapse in cover)

What do I have to do?

Bring your Insurance card or number with you to the consultation.
Mr. Rogers will tell you if your procedure is covered.
If the procedure is covered you only need sign a form.
Treatment will cost you nothing apart from the consultation fee.

You DO NOT need to contact your insurance company yourself.

What about Dental Insurance like DeCare?

DeCare is one dental insurance scheme operating in Ireland. It covers routine dental treatment like check-ups, fillings, some crowns, root treatments etc.
DeCare is not standard medical insurance and you would be paying an extra premium for this. Your normal VHI plans do not have DeCare as standard.
Dr. Fitzgerald & Mr. Rogers will fill in any forms you require to claim money back from DeCare.
DeCare reimburse you directly for treatment and do not pay us, we are more than happy to sign forms for you after treatment.

What if after making a claim my insurance fail to pay Mr. Rogers for the procedure.

If you fulfil the criteria above this will not happen. However in the rare instance where we make an insurance claim and it turns out you are not covered, you are liable for the full private fees for the treatment you received.