Dublin Specialist Dentistry


"Why cant you give me an exact price over the phone?"

Unfortunately it is necessary to have a complete examination to determine the specifics of your case. These individual requirements can make the price, treatment time & treatment sequence vary considerably. Our fee guide posted here gives a good estimate without specific information about your requirements.

I have already been to my dentist why do I need another consultation?

In general we are referred cases of high complexity that your general dentist thinks require specialist treatment. We need to asses this case, explain the options, risks, costs and post operative regime to you so you are fully informed about treatment. You general dentist cannot do our assessment for us. In some cases treatment can be booked for the same day as the assessment, however as long clinical slots have to be booked without knowing the complexity you will be asked for a booking deposit.

"Why are some fees in a range of prices?"

Fees for any dental treatment will depend on the specific case. A single front crown requires more time and more expensive laboratory work for a perfect result than a crown on a back tooth. The fees for a single implant, for instance, will vary depending on the need for bone grafting, gum grafting, the type of temporary required if any, the position of the tooth and other necessary preparatory work to make your mouth suitable for successful treatment.

"Why are multiple teeth less expensive than single teeth?"

There is some economy of scale when you are having more than one tooth treated at the same time. We pass this saving on to you.

"I have medical insurance, Will I have to pay an extra fee to the surgeon to remove my impacted wisdom teeth?"

No, our oral surgeon Mr. Rogers is fully participating which means you pay nothing extra for procedures covered under the insurance schedule of benefits (see here). You will have to pay only the consultation fee.

"I need fillings, why do you not have prices for routine dental treatments"

We do not routinely provide this type of treatment. We are a specialist practice concentrating on prosthetic and surgical dental treatments. Our fee guide reflects our limited practice.

"Why are the extractions more than at my general dentists?"

Some teeth/wisdom teeth are impacted against the bone or tooth in front. These are harder to remove and are more expensive. Upper wisdom teeth are usually easier to remove. If you require and oral surgeon then your extraction is not routine, or your medical history required special precautions.

"I have looked on the Internet and found cheaper prices"

We offer only superior quality work carried out by dental specialists. This works costs a little bit more. We offer excellent value for the quality you receive. All our specialist have clinical doctorates from full time postgraduate education in their chosen field of dentistry.

"Why is your deep bleaching more expensive?"

We use the KoR method of deep bleaching. This is different from standard bleaching and gets superior results.

"I need a tooth removed will my VHI, Quinn, Aviva pay for it?"

In some circumstances it will. See here for information on what medical insurance covers.

"Does your dental implant pricing include placement and restoration?"

Yes, our fee is inclusive of all steps. We offer the best value specialist implants in Ireland, North or South.

"Will my VHI, Quinn, Aviva cover my implant treatment?"

In some circumstances it will partly pay for dental implants. See here for information on what medical insurance covers.

"Do you offer Mini-Implants"

Only as temporary supports for provisional teeth.