Dublin Specialist Dentistry

Cancellation Policy

We value your time and custom. We would ask you do the same for us. We will endeavour to ring or E-mail you before your appointment. However it is your responsibility to remember the appointments you have committed to attend. Please make sure you can attend your appointment before booking our time.

As a specialist clinic we book long time slots to explain & carry out complex treatment to the highest standards. There are only a few slots per day, and often patients are waiting in considerable discomfort for a free new patient slot.

If you cancel an appointment without 2 working days notice, there may be a cancellation fee corresponding on the length of clinical time lost.

For new patient consultations you may loose your booking deposit.

If you fail to show up for an appointment without contacting us there will be a failure to attend fee corresponding on the length of clinical time you have wasted.

If you need to cancel or change an appointment contact us here